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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Finding New / Fresh Dancers Of Ruined & Poised

Hey Guys ,

Ruined & Poised is one of the early groups formed by a passionate choreographer and talented performer, Nazreem Zainul. Performed for variuos kind of shows such as school play, stage perfomances, private functions, video clips and awards grand opening. Unique by its own movement and style, Ruined & Poised is known for their exclusive choreography mostly inspired by Brittney Spears, Wade Robson and Missy Elliott's video music perfomance. Their trademark of never go on stage without their robes is well known among their loyal fans.

Now it's managed by Naz Events & Multi Talent Agency who intends to expand their exposure by perfoming at any event.

Anyways, we're finding NEW /FRESH DANCERS to be in our group of RUINED & POISED.
If you're one of them ,Please do not hesitate to give us a call or if you interested in dancing .Why dont you give a try??

If you're interested in dancing and performing but never have the experience before .We will teach you step by step and plus in our dance classes we will give u session with our dance instructor .So do not worry if u miss or get confuse with the routines . We will definitely teach you until u get it .

Do not worry if you're a beginner . We will guide you as much as we can and plus we will build up your confident in dancing .Plus dancing will also build up ur confident and your inner strength around people.

Contact :-

Pheez - 0162623460

email - pheyzall1401@gmail.com

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